Haiku Software Archives

Information on HaikuArchives and the software we archive.

How to Upload a Repo

  1. Import source code of repository.
    • If importing from a SCM repo:
      • Subversion/Mercurial: use the GitHub Importer. (See step 2 for the repo naming convention).
      • CVS: for single-module repos, use git cvsimport. For multi-module repos, use cvs2git.
    • If importing from a zip/tar/etc.:
      1. Extract archive. Delete ALL compiled files.
      2. Move all source files into a "src" directory if they aren't already. Leave README/TODO/LICENSE/etc. in top directory.
      3. Move documentation files, if any, to their own subfolder of the parent directory.
  2. Create the GitHub repo.
    • Naming convention: Remove spaces & separators; change captialization. (e.g. "Haiku on a Stick" → "HaikuOnAStick", "Open Sum-IT" → "OpenSumIt")
  3. Push code to GitHub.
  4. Create the description for the repo. The summary probably can be extracted from the first sentence of the README. (Look at some already-uploaded repos for examples.)
  5. Add the URL you got the software from to the README, if you got it from a website (e.g. "Original URL: http://...").
  6. Disable the Wiki. (We can re-enable it later if we ever want it, and we aren't going to use it now.)
  7. Add the software to the "Software" page of this site.